Personlost Launch

Personlost 1 September, 2020 11:16

If you are a fan of the beach it is possible that you have seen our Personlost advertisement

at the Scheveningen pier. Personlost officially launched two

weeks ago and we wanted to make this a very visible fact! Our Personlost snap-on, as well as clasp

wristbands, are available online but as of last week now also available at the

Big Bell Steakhouse. We are of course proud to be working together with such a well-known hotspot. Our

Personlost bracelets are very useful when visiting the beach, amusement park, swimming pool, shopping mall, zoo etc.

As a matter of fact anywhere where many people have gathered the chances of losing your kid is raised.

If you have not been there yet. Go see for yourself and while you are at it just try some of their very tasty food.


The Big Bell is located directly next to the World famous 'Kurhaus' Hotel. The location could not be better.

On a sunny day, thousands and thousands of potential customers with their kids pass by. The experience of losing your kid out of

sight is a very scary one as many parents will have experienced more than once in their lives. By making use of our Personlost wristband

the one who finds your kid can get in touch with you directly. You will receive an SMS, an email, a telephone call as well as your kids' exact location.


The wristbands are available in 5 different colours. Children will like the cool looks and colours of our wristbands and the parents will more than like the function and ease of registration.

So, go and save yourself from the anxiety of the fear of losing your kid. Get that wristband now. Check out or visit the Big Bell!