Feel free to go out! | Personlost

Gino de Vin 19 April, 2022 16:29

Imagine this; you are at a zoo, in a park or at some other location where many people come together and all of a sudden your child - that was walking beside you just a second ago - is no where to be seen anymore... Fear hits you. Where to start your search? According to data from Amber Alert, 20,000 children are lost each year only in the Netherlands. 

Of course, you want to avoid such a situation. The idea of losing sight your child is every parent's greatest fear. And like parents, children also often panic when they don't know where parents or caregivers are. You've probably seen a crying, panicked child walking around on the beach, looking for the parents. Often you then ask the question, "Have you lost your parents?" or "Where are your parents?" or "Shall we look for your parents together?" or "What do your parents look like? Surely these are quite difficult questions to answer as a child. How much more convenient would it be if all you had to do was scan a code that put you in direct contact with the parents or caregivers, so that the child could also be reassured immediately. Personlost offers the solution to this problem!

What will it mean to you to get your child back to you faster in such a situation? Fear decreases faster, relief increases. Thanks to the Personlost smart wristband, reuniting with your child when he or she is lost is accelerated. In fact, the chance is increased by 4 times. 

This makes a day at the zoo, beach, amusement park or swimming pool still a very pleasant experience!