Beach Time!

Personlost 14 July, 2020 16:03

It’s that time of the year again, busy beaches, crowded streets,
vacation time! Vacation is always connected to fun and relaxation. But
everyone knows by experience that vacation can be the opposite of that,
especially with children. Aren’t you forgetting something? No? Okay then
it’s time to go the beach! When driving to the beach sometimes the panic
can start. Do I have everything with me? Towels, sunscreen, money, book,
the children?

Check. Meanwhile, other fears are maybe starting to kick in. What if the
beach is to busy? Is it going to rain? Can we still find a spot? Did you
remember to talk to your children about the dangers of the beach? Don’t
stress too much about it because it should be fun for the kids right?

I think that every child experienced mom or dad writing his name with a
marker on the arm. Going into the water and it’s gone again. Not very
effective right? You make a deal with your children or marking a point,
so they know where to go to. Gladly a lot of beaches are covered with
wander poles so your children have an orientation point.

Of course children can be children and forgetful. So a smart solution
would be something they can carry with them? Our Personlost wristbands
are secure and available in different fun colours. The wristbands are
secured with unique QR codes, the codes are connected to a telephone
number. Via the code the finder of the person can get in contact with
the parent. So talk to your children, agree for an orientation point and
get yourself a Personlost wristband. Now you are good to go, for a fun
and relaxed trip to the beach.