According to Personlost, these are the best beachclubs in Scheveningen!

Stan 31 January, 2022 17:08


Patagonia is located at an ideal place in Scheveningen: at the foot of Het Zwarte Pad, just a few steps away from a tram and busstop. Why this is one of our favorite spots? That’s easy. The menu is extensive and the food is delicious. There is a very relaxed atmosphere. Even the staff exudes this vibe. The atmosphere is what makes this beachclub stand out from the surrounding beachclubs. In addition, Patagonia is also loved because of the interior. Lots of wood, lots of earth and pastel shades. Surfboards, dried flowers. Our tip: take a seat on the sunbeds on the beach in the afternoon, order the Patagonia burger. Stick around and watch the sunset. That's when the bonfires are lit and Het Zwarte Pad looks beautiful. The fire pits and lights make it a romantic sight. Also great for fun photos!


Beachclub Naturel

Beachclub Naturel is a hidden gem of Het Zwarte Pad. It is located just a bit quieter than other beachclubs that are mainly known for their parties in summer. Besides the photogenic interior, Beachclub Naturel is a very nice place to be. It is a place where you can really relax, but also where you can meet many cool locals. The food is not only super tasty, it also looks beautiful. The pictures speak for themselves! If you are considering a day at Het Zwarte Pad, but want to avoid the most tourist hangouts, then Beachclub Naturel is highly recommended!


The Shore

The shore does not quite fit in the list of beach clubs. It is in fact a sustainable surfschool and meeting place in Scheveningen. It is also described as the living room on the beach for surfers, nature lovers and people who like to live an honest and conscious life. Besides a surf lesson, you can also enjoy the most delicious pancakes and pizzas here. To allow later generations to also enjoy the beach and the waves, The Shore goes very far in its sustainability principle. You can see this in everything. The shore itself is made of recycled shipping containers, the shower water is heated by solar water heaters, the food is organic and festivals they try to organize are "zero waste". Are you looking for a place with an authentic surf atmosphere? Then you're going to love The Shore!


Mood beach

If you get off at the tram or bus stop near the Kurhaus, we recommend a visit to the Beachclub Mood Beach. After a look at Mood Beach's Instagram account, you'll already feel the desire to go there! The staff is friendly, the location is good, the cocktails are delicious and even the tableware matches the beachy interior. From your beachbed you can see the pier in front of you. Add some cheerful music and you really feel like you're away from the city for a while. Despite its location opposite the Kurhaus, you won't encounter typical tourists, but cool locals: It is one of the favorite places of many residents. Do you feel like surfing? Near Mood Beach, on the pier, you will find Surf 's Cool!

This way you can combine your visit to Mood Beach with a sporty outing!

Before visiting the beach, don't forget to attach an itemlost tag to your belongings and to put a Personlost wristband on your children!