5 things to prepare for a winter sports vacation

Stan 10 February, 2022 14:00

It's that happy time of the year again: winter sports! Anyone who has ever been on a ski vacation is familiar with the chaos that it can bring. We have some tips for you to prepare for your vacation. 


Personlost wristband

Nothing is more important than the safety of your child. For that reason, make sure you pack the smart Personlost wristbands first. With these smart wristbands, a child, for example, can quickly be brought back to the parents / caretakers. When the code is scanned you get direct (anonymous) contact with the parents / caretakers. This is ideal when you are on the slopes for a day.


Itemlost tag for your winter sports supplies

Of course, you also pack your winter sports supplies. Think of your thermal clothing, gloves and skis or snowboard. Anyone who has ever been on a ski vacation is familiar with the chaos that it can bring. Accidentally someone takes your skis or winter jacket. And what do you do then? So do not forget to attach an itemlost tag to your valuable items! With an itemlost tag, you have a greater chance to get your valuable items back faster.



Finally the sun on your face again! Probably the most important thing you need during a day in the sun is lots of sunscreen. Prevent skin damage and "immerse" your kids in sunscreen, not forgetting yourself of course! At Personlost we like the natural sunscreen from Naïf Care. Don't forget to apply sunscreen so you don't suffer from sun damage.


Protection for your lips

The combination of cold temperature and bright sun can easily result in dry lips. So it's nice to bring along a nice balm for your lips. For example, the acute lip balm from Eucerin. This lip balm is good for extremely dry, chapped lips. The balm immediately soothes and moisturizes the lips and the skin around them. 


Important phone numbers

Put important numbers such as emergency ski slopes number in your phone. Also think about important phone numbers for example insurance, doctors, sos contacts.