5 things to prepare for a day at the beach with kids

Personlost 26 January, 2022 11:53


One of the most important things you need during a day in the sun is lots of sunscreen. Prevent skin damage and "immerse" your kids in sunscreen, not forgetting yourself ofcourse! At Personlost we like the natural sunscreen from Naïf Care. In addition, this sunscreen is water-resistant and also ocean-friendly! Ideal for conscious people and not harmful to nature. Big yes here!

Take plenty of water with you

Water, water, water! Take plenty of water with you to the beach and avoid dehydration and overheating. Fortunately, there are all kinds of trendy bottles to keep your water cool. For example, the Insulated Doppers. These bottles don't just look cute, they also keep your drink cool for about 24 hours!


These days, sun hats are a must have to complete your outfit. They are therefore available at almost every trendy store. These hats allow you to read and not only that, they also prevent your head from burning! 


The beach is often crowded. Children play nicely with each other by the sea. Ofcourse you do not want to think about losing sight of your child. Yet it is not unthinkable that your child is suddenly distracted and walks towards a poster of an ice cream for example. At these moments a Personlost smart wristband is an absolute hero. Often, other parents or adults quickly realize that a child is alone or has lost it's way for a moment. These people can then easily scan the wristband and contact the parent or caretaker. In this way, you are quickly reunited with your child. Go to the beach with a peaceful feeling and put a Personlost wristband on your child!


With so many towels, toys, snacks and drinks, you do need large bags. Often large bags are not very charming. Fortunately, Studio Noos has very nice large bags. A lot of stuff fits in them and they come in a lot of cute fabrics. The teddy is our favorite! There are also matching small bags and you can even have a name embroidered on it!